International demand for fresh fruit is growing. Market potential exists for citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and limes as well as exotic fruits as mangoes, sapodillas, papayas, pineapples and passion fruit.

Fresh vegetables

Export opportunities exist for a range of vegetables such as cucumber, pumpkins, watermelon, melon, saeme, bora and callallo.


Plantains, Roots and Tubers

There is potential to increase Guyana’s export selected plantain, roots and tubers to ethnic markets in the Caribbean, North America and Europe. Opportunities also exist for malanga, breadfruit and ground provisions as raw inputs in the snack food industry.

Herbs ans spices

There is growing demand in the Caribbean, North America and Europe for hot peppers, eschallots, celery and other ingredients for seasoning, all of which grow abundantly in various parts of Guyana.

Livestock and Dairy products

There are excellent investment opportunities for the production of meat (beef and mutton), poultry products, Milk and milk products for both domestic consumption and export to the Caribbean. In particular Guyana’s savannahs provide a favorable environment for medium to large-scale cattle raising. Guyana has been certified as foot-and-mouth free, providing it with favorable access to many markets.

Processed foods

Opportunities exist for processing, or semi-processing, produce and animal products. Already Guyana’s exotic and gourmet food products are in demand in Caribbean, North American and Europpean markets. Products with a large growth potential include jams, jellies, sauces, processed spices and fruit puree blends.

Seafood and Aquaculture

Guyana has the ideal conditions for a dynamic seafood and fisheries industry. These include a  459 km Atlantic coastal zone and extensive network of rivers.

Under-exploited species

Although some species are widely fished within 80 km of the coastline, a number of species further offshore are yet to be fished commercially. These include pelagic and deepwater species such as deepwater snapper, prawns, swordfish and tuna. Currently the seafood industry is not adequately rigged to exploit these species meaning that lucrative opportunities exist for firts movers.


Profitable opportunities exist for investments in modern processing machines and product development that meet the ongoing global demand for processed fish products.

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