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    Register business names, establishment of limited libality companies, registration with public organs, structuring the financial system for payment of taxes and tax obligations as self-employed and for workers, obtaining business entry visas, work permits, opening bank accounts, processing all relevant licenses and permits that may be required according to the the prevailing laws and regulation of the area you may be operating in and providing business plan along with professional orientation and guidance.
    We have excellent lawyers who are our partners that will advice and take care of all legal procedures with public agencies, to draw up contracts and close agreements, to accompany and support according to needs.
    We offer professional service to satisfy the needs of our clients. We provide accurate and straight to the point information, appropriate to their interests.
    We have customs brokers and shipping agents as partners and will take care of all needs in terms of procurement, logistics, documentation and legal procedures that are necessary to facilitate the importation and exportation by air, land and sea.
    Our interpreters and translators are discreet and bound by a code of confidentiality and are highly professional. They are available to translate your verbal and written communications. We offer translation for documents in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
    December 31, 2019
    For the planning of works and the displacement of people, equipment, merchandise and products in general from one place to another and to setting up of creative and cost effective distribution networks.
    In this era where information about everything is easily accessible, people are very conscious about what they want and what they actually need. We have developed new strategies to meet the demands.
    For individuals and companies that have interest to invest in Guyana, but are not quite certain in which sector to invest in. We provide a wide range of business proposals with complete technical and financial projections to suit you according to your inclination and the magnitude of your investment.
    December 31, 2019
    Acquisition of land for agriculture, industry, residence, commerce or office, to buy or rent. We can also source excellent houses for residential pourpose, commercial buildings, office space, buildings suitable for multi purpose businesses, warehouse and industry. We can offer the best options at the best prices available in the current market.
    With our partners in gereral transportation of people and cargo, we have excellent logistics and affordable prices for all of your transportation needs weather its by road, air or sea. You name it, we move it..
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