The practice of law is an indispensable activity for the administration of justice and essential for the exercise of freedoms and protection of rights of all kinds, especially those governing economic activity, the rights to protection of life, legality, and legal security.

Our consultancy is dedicated to solving our clients’ needs in order to reduce losses and mitigate risks.


We provide different activities such as legal and tax consulting, changes in contracts, demergers, incorporations, among others related to the business routine.


We provide a variety of advisory activities for businesses in various sectors, small, medium, and large. We also provide services for individuals.


We translate documents into: Arabic, Spanish, French, English and Portuguese. We also have interpreters to accompany you to a wide range of events.


We have specialised professionals to act as intermediaries in real estate business, from the choice of the land to the elaboration of the best product.


We provide transport services through personalized service in order to ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction.

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