IBN becomes official supplier of Electrical Power Distribution Products in Guyana

IBN becomes official supplier of Electrical Power Distribution Products in Guyana

IBN formalizes a contract with Guyana Power and Light Inc.(gplinc.com) to supply products for electricity distribution in Guyana.

Among the main products, fiberglass poles and crossarms stand out, in addition to transformers, cables and other related products involved in the maintenance of electricity distribution.

Fiberglass posts offer several advantages and benefits when compared to conventional concrete posts. Here are some of the main points to consider:

1. Lightweight and Easy to Handle: Fiberglass poles are significantly lighter than concrete poles, which makes them easier to transport, handle and install. This also reduces the need for heavy equipment and labor intensive installation.

2. Corrosion and Weather Resistance: Fiberglass is corrosion resistant and will not rust like steel in concrete poles. This makes fiberglass poles ideal for corrosive environments such as coastal regions or areas subject to corrosive chemicals.

3. Durability: Fiberglass poles have a long service life and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow and ultraviolet radiation. They don’t crack, wear or degrade as easily as concrete posts.

4. Electrical Insulation: Fiberglass is an effective electrical insulator, which means fiberglass poles are less likely to conduct electricity, reducing short circuit risks and improving electrical safety.

5. Low Maintenance: Due to its corrosion resistance and durability, fiberglass poles require less maintenance over its lifetime compared to concrete poles. This can result in long-term cost savings.

6. Flexible Design: Fiberglass allows for more flexible designs compared to concrete. Fiberglass posts can be molded into different shapes and sizes to meet specific project requirements.

7. Fast Installation: Due to its lightness and ease of handling, fiberglass posts can be installed faster than concrete posts. This can lead to minor interruption of services during installation.

8. Sustainability: The manufacture of fiberglass poles has a lower environmental impact compared to the production of concrete, which consumes large amounts of natural resources.

9. Cost Competitive: Although fiberglass posts may have a higher initial cost than concrete ones, the long-term benefits, such as less maintenance and a longer lifespan, make up for this initial investment.

10. Weight Reduction in Underground Infrastructure: Due to their light weight, fiberglass poles put less pressure on underground infrastructure such as cables and pipes, which can reduce the risk of damage and the need for repairs.

Whether in the private sector or the public sphere, IBN has the best and cost-effective solution to offer for electrical distribution infrastructure. Interested? Contact Us by clicking here. 


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