IBN team successfully assembled first fish cages in Guyana

IBN team successfully assembled first fish cages in Guyana

On September 17, 2022, IBN team successfully set up and instal the first fish cages in Lake Mainstay off the coast of Essequibo, Guyana.
This project is an initiative of the Secretary of Fisheries of the Ministry of Agriculture of Guyana.

This is just one of IBN’s areas of expertise – in addition to supplying fish cages, our Smart Business Network can supply fish fingerlings, shrimp larvae, fish feed and shrimp feed.

fish cage assembly and installation

Assembly and installation of a fish cage in the Republic of Guyana – IBN Partnership


“Cage culture management must result in production optimization at minimal cost. Management must be so efficient that the cultured fish grows at the expected rate in relation to feeding rate and stocking density, minimizes losses from disease and predators.”

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