Welcome to IBN-G Trade Center

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Welcome to the IBN Tradecenter. 

Here you can advertise your products and services to purchase a desired item or service.

We want to contribute to Guyana’s economic development by promoting and facilitating local, foreign private-sector investment and imports
and exports. IBN-Guyana is strongly dedicated to promoting socioeconomic development in the Republic of Guyana, in order to create a scenario to sustain progress and improve the quality of life, permanently, for the country and our people, regardless of the immense wealth that oil will bring Guyana.

How it works?

When you become a partner, you have publicized your products and services here and IBN promotes them strictly through a large network of contacts and partners in Guyana and worldwide, for a small percentage. 

Become an IBN partner – click here


Some Produts & Services

Click on the categories to see some partner’s products and services. Make your quote easily

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