Sectors where we operate
  • Trade / Import / Export
    Guyana's geographically strategic location between South America and the Caribbean, and specifically the northern region of Brazil, opens the opportunity to explore a market of approximately 45,000,000 consumers, with 18,000,000 in the Caribbean and 27,000,000 in northern Brazil.

    This is a priority of both Guyana and Brazil Governments, and especially the large businessmen in the northern region of Brazil who are interested in reaching large markets to sell soybeans and corn to the rest of the world using Guyana as route that is going to reduce time and cost by a difference unmatched by the current route being used now.
    The paving of the Lethem (Guyana-Brazil border) and Georgetown (Guyana's capital) road and the construction of a deep-water port that can accommodate large ships. Having access to this route which businessmen have referred to as "the route of the future" will be the perfect alternative solution for import and export of industrialized products, machinery, raw materials, food and general merchandise, between the northern region of Brazil, the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

    Note ! Although the road is not paved and the deepwater port is not ready yet, the existing road and the current port already provide conditions for many businesses to take place now.

  • Mining
    Mining In the mining sector, we have accumulated over 30 years of aggregate experience in works we have done in Guyana, Venezuela, Suriname, Brazil and the Republic of Guinea in West Africa. Guyana is a country where you can work in the exploration, extraction, and marketing of miners in a totally legalized manner. For having a simple and functional system where laws and regulations are implemented to facilitate the issuance of relevant and mandatory licenses and permits without being too complicated or time consuming.
    A foreigner may register and set up his own business or may operate as an individual, without the obligation to have a local person as associate or partner, but may enter into agreements with local people to form partnerships or joint ventures if desired.

    Guyana is very rich in oil, natural gas, gold, diamonds, semi-precious stones, bauxite, granite and many others. Petroleum and natural gas are being explored and currently being extracted by several of the world's largest pre-oil companies such as Exon-mobile, Shell, Tullow, Total, Repsol and many others. Bauxite is being extracted by the Rusal company. Gold and diamonds are being exploited by a few large companies, some medium-sized companies, and the vast majority by small and artisanal miners. There are few companies that extract granite and sand for export. The rest of the minerals were never explored.

    We have the following available:
    • 1. We are the largest suppliers of machinery, equipment and parts that are suitable for your needs for exploration and extraction.
    • 2. We have the best prices and best quality.
    • 3. We have land and river claims and concesdions with mainly gold and diamond deposits, available and open for negociations.
    • 4 We have all transport and operational logistics, with state-of-the-art technology for the sustainable and environmentally friendly development of the mining and extraction process.
    • 5. We buy and sell gold and diamonds.
    • 6. We manufacture and market the highest quality of elegant and personalized jewelry in gold, diamonds and semi precious stones.
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