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PARSUN’S 40 HP outboard motor is the best value for a mid-outboard in its class. One of the most popular outboards, it provides what every boater wants: worry-free, outstanding performance. Advanced power combined with innovative engineering makes a quiet, smooth and responsive ride with reduced fuel and maintenance costs. The Parsun F40 is available with manual and electric start options to suit your type of boating.

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Engine type 4-stroke, 3-cylinder, OHC
Displacement 45.6 cu. in. (747 cc)
Bore x Stroke 2.56 in. × 2.95 in. (6.50 cm × 7.49 cm)
Max. output 40 hp (29.8 kw) @ 5500 rpm
Ignition system CDI
Starting system Manual/Electric (turn-key)
Fuel delivery system Electric fuel injection
Ignition timing Microcomputer
Steering system Tiller/Remote
Gear shift F – N – R
Gear ratio 2.0 (26/13)
Trim and tilt system Hydraulic/Electric
Max. fuel consumption 14.58 qt./hr. (13.8 L/hr.)
Fuel tank capacity Portable 25.36 qt. (24 L)
Sump oil capacity 1.80 qt. (1.7 L)
Gear oil capacity 26.24 cu. in. (430 cc)
Dry weight* 203.7 lbs. (92.4 kg)
Recommended transom height 15 in./20 in. (38.1 cm/50.8 cm)
Alternator output 12V/10 amps/110 watts
Recommended fuel 87% octane/up to 10% ethanol
Recommended engine oil 10W-30/10W-40

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