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PARSUN’S 85 HP outboard motor displacement is smaller, it easier for maintenance, will give you performance and reliability for your long days of boating. In many countries(especially for the developing areas) of the world where outboard demand is primarily for commercial uses, the water quality, weather and climate variance and long hours of continuous use make for a very harsh use environment.This is the two stroke outboard motor series developed mainly for commercial use such as on fishing and passenger vessels. This series suits harsh conditions that include everyday use and situations involving long hours of continuous operation. Enhanced strength and durability in locations such as roller bearings, crankshaft and cylinder block, as well as an improved water pump that ensures plenty of cooling effect, combine to deliver substantial improvements in durability and reliability.

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Engine type 2-stroke,3-cylinders, Reed valve
Displacement 1141 cc
Bore x Stroke mm(in.) 82.0×72.0 (3.23×2.83)
Max output kw(hp) 62.5(85)
Full throttle RPM range 4500~5500
Transom height mm(in.) 508(20.0) or 635(25.0)
Ignition system CDI
Starting system Manual start Electrc start Steering system Tiller control Remote control Gear shift
Gear ratio 2.0 (26/13)
Trim and tilt system Hydraulic elevator
Electric tilt
Max fuel consumption 31 L/h
Fuel tank capacity 24L
Mixing ratio 50:1
Gear oil capacity 610cc
Dry weight 119kg(Depend on model)
Propeller options* 3-13.25 x 17" (standard) or 3-13.625x 13"


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