Parsun 75 Hp

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These outboards displacement is smaller, it easier for maintenance, will give you performance and reliability for your long days of boating.In many countries(especially for the developing areas) of the world where outboard demand is primarily for commercial uses, the water quality, weather and climate variance and long hours of continuous use make for a very harsh use environment.

This is the two stroke outboard motor series developed mainly for commercial use such as on fishing and passenger vessels. This series suits harsh conditions that include everyday use and situations involving long hours of continuous operation. Enhanced strength and durability in locations such as roller bearings, crankshaft and cylinder block, as well as an improved


1. High grade marine aluminum alloy for ultimate corrosion protection

2. Tilt & trim with shallow water drive various positions

3. Twist grip throttle control for easy maneuverability & safety

4. Thermostat controlled water cooling system

5. Safety lanyard with emergency shutoff

6. Easy forward-neutral-reverse gear shifting

7. Vibration reduction system for smooth performance

8. Start in gear protection for increased safety

9. Adjustable steering friction for easier maneuverability

10. CDI ignition system for trouble free starting

11. Innovative large recoil wheel assists easy starting

12. Quiet, through the propeller hub exhaust

13. Quality 24L fuel tank with hose

14. Include controls, basic instruments, fuel tube and tool kits



1. Electric Start

2. Lighting coil and 12V DC output allow you to run a spotlight.

3. Remote Control with electric start

4. Power trim and tilt system or Hydraulic elevator

5. 13”, 17” different pitch propeller for different boat’s request

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