Mr. Suresh(IBN) receives GCBL’s highest award – The Chairman’s Award

Mr. Suresh(IBN) receives GCBL’s highest award – The Chairman’s Award


On February 15, 2023, the CEO of IBN, Mr. Suresh Ramkissoon, receives recognition of the highest award from the Global Chamber of Commerce Leaders (GCBL) as Delegate in Guyana – The ‘Chairman’s Award’.

The Chairman’s Award is the highest recognition given to an individual active executive by the Global Chamber of Business Leaders. The award is given annually by the president of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders, as the institution’s highest authority.

As a global business leader, there’s nothing more rewarding than being recognized for your hard work and dedication to your craft. The Global Chambers of Business Leaders (GCBL) is one of the most prestigious organizations in the world, and to be recognized by it is a true honor.

In 2022, GCBL recognized a select group of business leaders, among which was Mr. Suresh Ramkissoon for his outstanding achievements and contributions in their respective sectors in Guyana. This recognition is not only a testament to their hard work and dedication, but also a reflection of their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Recognition in the 2022 Global Business Leaders Chambers is an honor that can bring credibility to a business leader’s reputation, enhance their personal brand, and open doors to new opportunities for collaboration and growth. To earn this recognition, a business leader must have a successful track record in their industry, exceptional leadership skills, and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.


Read here the recognition letter sent by Dejan Štancer, CHAIRMAN