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Partnership between IBN-G and Millennium Bioenergy in Guyana

In an official letter to IBN-G, the CEO of Milleniuum Bioenergia, Eduardo Lima, expresses his interest in establishing the partnership between the two companies shortly. IBN-G will play a key role in this partnership, where will do interlocution work with the Guyana government, as well as allocate the other necessary resources and regional partnerships to represent Millennium’s interests in the country

Read below a letter addressed to mr. Suresh Ramkissoon on February 28, 2020.


“Dear Mr Ramkissoon

In view of Guyana’s excellent geographic position, and its knowledge and tradition in the cultivation of cane for
the production of alcohol and sugar, we would like to express our interest in establishing in Guyana a corn
processing unit for the production of ethanol and DDGS or the implementation of a TOTAL FLEX unit (sugarcane
and corn at the same site).

For this, we have the best corn processing technology and a consortium formed by internationally renowned
companies, all willing to participate in a Millennium project in Guyana.

We take the opportunity to invite IBN-G to represent the interests of Milenium in the country, making the dialogue
with the government, potential partners and other regional stakeholders.

Since now, we thank you for your attention and commitment.

Sincerely, Eduardo Lima, CEO, MILLENIUM HOLDING LTDA.”

View the official document attachment

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