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IBN-G is now an official partner of Panamazônia

Meeting of the PanAmazônia Board of Directors
Meeting of the PanAmazônia Board of Directors

On January 27, Monday, the opening ceremony of the exhibition GREAT ENTREPRENEURS OF THE AMAZON took place, followed by a meeting of the PanAmazônia Board of Directors, where the CEO of the Intelligence Buniness Network Guyana (IBN-G) – Suresh Ramkissoon (Jorge) , was introduced to the group as an effective member of the PanaAmazônia board of directors.

Presentation of the new associate, Mr. Suresh Ramkinson (Jorge), CEO of IBN-G, a company based in Georgetown, Cooperative Republic of Guyana. Mr. Ramkinson spoke briefly about the company he runs and offered to help PanAmazonia member companies that are interested in doing business in Guyana, so he asked to prepare a list of all PanAmazonia member companies, with information on the sector performance, billing, etc.

The Board of Directors’ meeting was chaired by the vice president of PanAmazonia, Jonathan Benchimol.

“The PanAmazônia Association held the first annual meeting of 2020 of its Board of Directors. Among the deliberations, the accounts for the financial year 2019 were approved and the program of activities and the calendar of events for the current year were defined, focusing on the strengthening the network of associates throughout the continental Amazon and in strategic actions to advance the achievement of the institutional mission ” (excerpt extracted from:

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